Sunlife Amateur Radio Club

                Venture Out Amateur Radio Club. 

The Venture Out (VO) ARC is located less than one half mile east of where the Sunlife Club meets.  They meet Saturday mornings at 10 am and we meet Monday mornings at 10 am.  We share activities, member, lunches and parties.  There is a great mutual benefit from this association.  This page is to let you know a bit more about the VO Club.

The Venture Out Electronics Building

The Venture Out Beam Antenna


Venture Out Satellite Antennas 


 Howard, KF6JTT, asked us for the password to enter the ham shack.

VO main operating position.  (sorry for the out of focus photo) 


 VO Satellite Operating Position

VO Tertiary Operating Position 


Club Meeting Room 

Don, Alice and Joe 



Norm, Laura, Bob and Don squared